RSS in Education

I did not know what an RSS feed was until this assignment.  I was excited to learn about something new.  Please view my Feedly set-up with this short video demonstration.  I can see where having an account with Feedly or another aggregator is more convenient that visiting individual websites to see new articles and posts, but I have never had much time in my schedule to do extra reading, so I am not sure that I will be using it on a regular basis.

I was challenged by trying to find a way to incorporate an RSS reader into my math classroom.  I can see many uses in a history class for current events, a language arts class that needs to practice evaluating sources and articles, or a science class that needs to know about new discoveries, but it was really hard for me to find something mathematically related and at the appropriate level for a middle school or high school student since many seemed to be collegiate or beyond.

I finally decided to use an RSS feed as a source for the problem of the week and then have students submit responses through Google Forms.  I wrote an introductory lesson plan to get students set up and familiar with the process.  If more time were available, I would test the lesson with a Math 8 class.  I think that students will enjoy the flexibility to complete the problem of the week at their own convenience.  I may find that I need to develop a reminder system if students are not completing the assignment each week.


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