EdTech Graphic

The definition for educational technology contains 24 words; seven of those words are articles, prepositions, and conjunctions which usually do not provide meaning on their own.  After much consideration, I realized that those words were selected very carefully to hold significant weight.  That is also why Januszewski and Molenda use an additional 14 pages to explain … More EdTech Graphic

Tech Trends

After reading through The Horizon Report, I was astonished by all the different ways that they suggested technology could be entering the classroom over the next five years.  To me, some of the ideas seem like they are already in the classroom, and others seemed like it would take more than 5 or 10 years to … More Tech Trends

RSS in Education

I did not know what an RSS feed was until this assignment.  I was excited to learn about something new.  Please view my Feedly set-up with this short video demonstration.  I can see where having an account with Feedly or another aggregator is more convenient that visiting individual websites to see new articles and posts, … More RSS in Education

The Bridge

I view this course, EDTECH 501, and this entire M.E.T. program as a bridge, much like the banner image at the top of the page.  I hope this experience will help me to bridge the gap between me and my students.  I want to bring mathematics out of the “dark ages” and into the lights … More The Bridge