Annotated Bibliography

This course is the first time that I have done formal research in over eight years.  I have always used MLA format in the past for my undergraduate courses, so learning APA style is a challenge.  They are similar, but the subtle differences can stump even an experienced user let alone someone who is out of practice like me.  My biggest difficulty with research is figuring out what type of reference the item is so that I can follow the format in the APA Manual.  I get stumped trying to tell the difference between periodicals, journal articles, and magazine articles.  When looking at books, I have trouble make decisions between the whole book or just a chapter and an author versus an editor.  I hope this will come more naturally for me as I continue to practice.

It seems that there is a nearly endless supply of information available on the Internet.  I was surprised at how limited some of my search results came back when only looking for peer-reviewed articles.  I thought that the flipped classroom would be a rather common topic since it is an emerging method, but it had fewer results than I expected.

While reading the articles that I cited and some of the others that I decided not use, I was surprised by how many said that flipping the classroom was more common in K-12 education and was just moving into the university setting.  I think a flipped classroom is more appropriate for a collegiate or upper-level secondary student who has already developed note-taking and study skills and shows motivation towards the subject.  I would have thought the trend started in universities and was trickling down into secondary schools instead of the reverse that the articles implied.

This assignment was the first time that I needed to create annotations to go along with my sources.  Summarizing the article came the most naturally to me.  I had to think a little bit more about how to assess and reflect upon the articles that I read.

Please view my Annotated Bibliography about flipping the classroom.


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