Peer Review

During guided practice in my Algebra 1 and Geometry classroom, students are encouraged to help a shoulder partner with misunderstandings and to compare answers.  However, solving a math problem focused on skills does not have the same time frame of opportunity for review and revisions as writing an essay or creating a presentation.  In my … More Peer Review

Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

The following post is a reflection of my thoughts after reading the article How Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathemathics (STEM) Project-Based Learning (PBL) Affects Hight, Middle, and Low Achievers Differently: The Impact of Studet Factors on Achievement by Sun Young Han, Robert Capraro and Mary Margaret Capraro.   The first item that caught my attention in the article is that the study … More Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

Instructional Design

Throughout the course of EdTech 503: Instructional Design, I was challenged the think outside of my normal role as a teacher.  I had to step away from the educator lens and consider thinks from a corporate perspective.  This was difficult, but enlightening.  I have still completed my Instructional Design Project as a teacher to evaluate, … More Instructional Design