Welcome to My World

This is my first adventure into blogging.  This is also coincides with my first real adventure back into the “classroom,” even if this is a digital learning environment.  I am starting this blog and site so that I can collect my work throughout the M.E.T. program at Boise State University.  I want to store and … More Welcome to My World

Peer Review

During guided practice in my Algebra 1 and Geometry classroom, students are encouraged to help a shoulder partner with misunderstandings and to compare answers.  However, solving a math problem focused on skills does not have the same time frame of opportunity for review and revisions as writing an essay or creating a presentation.  In my … More Peer Review

Scaffolding with PBL

When you look up the word “scaffolding” in the dictionary, the definition does not include any aspects of education.  Jamie McKenzie explains it well by stating that just as scaffolding in the construction world is designed to help workers build higher off the ground and reach what is beyond their current grasp, scaffolding in the classroom is … More Scaffolding with PBL

Planning Assessment for PBL

I struggled with developing assessments for my PBL project this week.  I understand that it is important to develop the assessment and know the desired outcomes prior to beginning the instruction.  In Meier’s presentation, she details Wiggins and McTighe notes about backward design to identify desired outcomes and then plan the instruction to reach those goals.  I … More Planning Assessment for PBL

The PBL Audience

My professor posed a question to us, “Is it still PBL without an authentic audience?” I have been thinking on this for some time.  According to the Buck Institute for Education, PBL needs to be authentic.  This is one of the essential elements to create a successful Project-Based Learning environment.  The project needs to feature … More The PBL Audience

Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

The following post is a reflection of my thoughts after reading the article How Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathemathics (STEM) Project-Based Learning (PBL) Affects Hight, Middle, and Low Achievers Differently: The Impact of Studet Factors on Achievement by Sun Young Han, Robert Capraro and Mary Margaret Capraro.   The first item that caught my attention in the article is that the study … More Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

Introductory Week in a Course about PBL

This week, I am beginning a course titled “Technology Enhanced Project Based Learning.”  The idea behind Project Based Learning, PBL, is that students explore and discover the content on their own through research and the creation of a project to be presented in some public (or electronic) forum.  PBL moves away from direct instruction which … More Introductory Week in a Course about PBL