Reflection after the Project

A teacher needs to reflect on the project while developing the outline and as it is occurring through the students’ eyes to be sure that it is heading in the proper direction.  However, when the project is over and graded, there should still be more reflection about how this can be improved for the next iteration.  Reflection plays a large role in the Project Based Learning process.  During the project, students are asked to reflect on what they have learned, the methods they used, and the impact on their initial thoughts. A good teacher will use those student insights to facilitate instruction and increase understanding during the project.  I also hope to make notes of those thoughts from the students and from my own perspective to deliberately record what worked and what did not in order to be more efficient and effective in the future.

Students should probably complete a self-reflection form to start the process and be honest with themselves.  Since they spend so much time throughout the project collaborating, they should also move into groups to make the reflection a collaborative effort.

It would also be nice for the audience to complete a brief survey or have a face-to-face conversation in order to offer fresh perspectives for the reflection.  The audience may mention what parts of the project results they found most informative and helpful as well as critique something else that they wish was included.




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