Scaffolding with PBL

When you look up the word “scaffolding” in the dictionary, the definition does not include any aspects of education.  Jamie McKenzie explains it well by stating that just as scaffolding in the construction world is designed to help workers build higher off the ground and reach what is beyond their current grasp, scaffolding in the classroom is … More Scaffolding with PBL

Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

The following post is a reflection of my thoughts after reading the article How Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathemathics (STEM) Project-Based Learning (PBL) Affects Hight, Middle, and Low Achievers Differently: The Impact of Studet Factors on Achievement by Sun Young Han, Robert Capraro and Mary Margaret Capraro.   The first item that caught my attention in the article is that the study … More Project Based Learning for Diverse Students

Introductory Week in a Course about PBL

This week, I am beginning a course titled “Technology Enhanced Project Based Learning.”  The idea behind Project Based Learning, PBL, is that students explore and discover the content on their own through research and the creation of a project to be presented in some public (or electronic) forum.  PBL moves away from direct instruction which … More Introductory Week in a Course about PBL

Video In the Classroom

I talked with some of the professional educators that I work with to gather their thoughts about using video in the classroom. I am personally experimenting with a blended classroom to allow students to get some instructional material directly from me and to get some instruction from multimedia items such as videos (both those found … More Video In the Classroom

Relative Advantage of Instructional Software in the Classroom

Instructional Software According to Roblyer (2016), there are five types of instructional software.  The types are classified based on the instructional function that it is intended to serve: drill and practice, tutorial, simulation, instructional game, and problem-solving program.   Each type of software can be utilized in an Algebra 1 classroom.  With advances in technology, some … More Relative Advantage of Instructional Software in the Classroom

Theoretical Foundations of Learning

Throughout EDTECH 504, I learned a good amount of information.  The most important thing that I learned was not academic matter, but a personal trait.  I had to re-learn focus and determination throughout this course.  During high school and my undergraduate courses, I did not enjoy classes such as psychology or philosophy.  The abstract nature of … More Theoretical Foundations of Learning

Instructional Design

Throughout the course of EdTech 503: Instructional Design, I was challenged the think outside of my normal role as a teacher.  I had to step away from the educator lens and consider thinks from a corporate perspective.  This was difficult, but enlightening.  I have still completed my Instructional Design Project as a teacher to evaluate, … More Instructional Design