Video In the Classroom

I talked with some of the professional educators that I work with to gather their thoughts about using video in the classroom.

I am personally experimenting with a blended classroom to allow students to get some instructional material directly from me and to get some instruction from multimedia items such as videos (both those found on the internet and those that I create) and presentations.  I still encourage students to take note from those sources in their notebooks or binders so that they have a reference when completing homework or studying for a test.


One thought on “Video In the Classroom

  1. What great interviews, Amy! I wish I had video lessons when I was learning math in middle and high school. That was an area I struggled with, and as your math teacher interviewee explained, videos promote self-guided learning, by allowing students to progress at their own pace. I like how you also interviewed other colleagues, in addition to teachers. It’s great to see support across the board! As the Dean of Humanities pointed out, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in class (or you’re like me and tend to talk a lot…), so video lessons allow students to delve deeper and/or to learn the material in a more relaxed, meaningful way.


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