Theoretical Foundations of Learning

Throughout EDTECH 504, I learned a good amount of information.  The most important thing that I learned was not academic matter, but a personal trait.  I had to re-learn focus and determination throughout this course.  During high school and my undergraduate courses, I did not enjoy classes such as psychology or philosophy.  The abstract nature of the various theories did not hold my attention.  I found myself easily distracted while attempting to work on my course assignments again, but I learned how to push through and make sure that I achieved my goal to complete the course materials.

This course on the theories of education helped to remind me how different all individuals are as students and as instructors.  People have their own style of teaching or learning which works best for them or is their “comfort zone.”  However, I must remember that not everyone learns as I prefer to, so I need to incorporate other styles and theories into my classroom in an effort to reach all learners.

I will attempt to incorporate the social learning theory and the constructivist theory into my classroom in the future.  I often do not give my students a chance to explain their work to others, but I understand the benefits of hearing from a peer instead of the instructor.  Also, I tend to avoid hands-on activities because I worry that students will only play with the manipulatives instead of using them for the intended discovery.  However, I need to be aware that sometimes playing is required in order to process the task and start down the correct path of inquiry.

The three main projects that I did in this course, the learning theories paper, the annotated bibliography, and the synthesis paper, all revolved around research.  Each of these assignments demonstrates my mastery of the AECT standards for research with the indicator of accessing and evaluating and the indicator for theoretical foundations.  I was required to find various sources of information, evaluate the credibility, and put them together with other sources.  I used those assignments as an opportunity to show that I have an understanding of the previous theories and how they shape educational technology today.

Synthesis Paper


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