EDTECH 501 Course Reflection

EDTECH 501 was my first college course in quite a while.  It was the first course that I have taken completely online.  I experienced a learning curve of trying to figure out how to balance my regular schedule with the addition of this course along with learning about the new tools or trends.

Within the course, I was challenged by making sure that I was following directions to correctly submit assignments.  I had a high school teacher who deducted points if your name was written on the left side of the paper instead of the right; he had me a bit paranoid that I was going to make a silly mistake like that and turn assignments in to the incorrect place.  Setting up my learning log on the WordPress site caused the most difficulty for me.  I had a little trouble with the import file not formatting correctly and one of my pages did not have a working URL for a while.  I contacted the instructor, had a co-worker that is decent with technology look over it, and asked for assistance from the technology integration specialist at the community college where I teach to look over some of the issues and help me to navigate and troubleshoot.

I found myself taking more time to complete assignments which required research and citations.  I have never been a fan of making a references page or using in text citations; I worry that I have rules mixed up or italics in the wrong place.  I spent a lot of time with my copy of the APA manual and reading the Purdue OWL site to help me through my citations.  I know that I still get a few source types confused, but I think that I am on my way to a better understanding.

This semester, I am the most proud of my school evaluation summary.  I feel that I took a large amount of information and succinctly pulled it all together.  I created visuals to support the data in the paper.  My concluding analysis also included some deep insights on how to help the school progress to the next level of technology integration.

My plans for the school year are to find ways to let the students interact with technology.  In the past, I have used the SMARTBoard for my lecture, example problems, and homework checks, I have used an Airliner (writing tablet) during example problems, I have used the document camera for demonstrations, and I have selected a few YouTube videos to watch as part of the lesson.  Technology integration is supposed to be about blending the technology for the students to use in the classroom.  My classroom description uses a lot of the word “I” and no mention of the students.  I still have many details to work out about how to do this since our computer labs and Chromebooks are limited in the building, but I hope to find a few ways.  My goal is to start small and be effective at one technology idea before moving on and trying others.


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