Tech Trends

After reading through The Horizon Report, I was astonished by all the different ways that they suggested technology could be entering the classroom over the next five years.  To me, some of the ideas seem like they are already in the classroom, and others seemed like it would take more than 5 or 10 years to become education ready.  I wonder if I will remember to look back at this report in 5 years to see if the experts had their predictions correct.

I had a tough time making a decision on which trend I wanted to do more research on.  I started thinking that I wanted to look into a 1:1 computer program or a BYOD program.  It seems like it is already in existence in many places, but it is still a distant thought in my school system.  I considered doing the research so that I can be ready when my school system decides to follow into that initiative, but then I worried that would be too common or boring for a topic.  I considered looking into gaming with learning since it is something that I know almost nothing about.  I decided against that since I could not do enough research on the topic in just 2 days.

I finally decided on personalized learning since it mimics a set up that is used in the classes that I teach at the community college.  I wanted to find out what improvements could be made to the program to make it more effective.  I found out that very little of our program is actually personalized learning, according to the definition.  We do allow flexible time arrangements and students have the option to read the textbook or watch video lessons to learn the material, but all students complete the same homework assignments on the computer in the standard computer lab.

I created this presentation to highlight the main points of personalized learning since my understanding was incorrect.  According to the articles that I read during my research, many other people only have a partial understanding of personalized learning and do not consider all the elements that need to work together.  I tried to use a variety of methods in my presentation to simulate the text, visuals, and video that may need to be a part of a personalized learning plan in order to be most effective for a student’s progress.

Tech Trends Presentation


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