Professional Ethics in a Real-Life Scenario

I was given the task of writing about the professional ethics that needed to be considered for a scenario from my school or community.  I had a difficult time coming up with a technology related issue to analyze and discuss.  I felt like all of the issues at my school were inconsequential.  That is probably a good thing that I do not look around my school and find major problems or concerns that need to be dealt with.  However, it made this assignment more challenging than it should have been.

When I finally selected a topic, a lack of computer access, I thought that it was just a minor issue.  I feared that I would be exaggerating to relate my topic to the AECT Code of Professional Ethics.  It turns out that my school’s low number of computers is impacting the students and teachers in multiple ways that all have a poor result in the overall learning.

Some school officials may think that purchasing computers and the furniture to accompany them is all about the money that will be spent.  I have come to realize that the Code of Professional Ethics wants the decision makers to consider every possible facet before making their conclusion.  Even though the Code is, in a way, vague, it still forces you to consider young and old students, beginning and expert learners, students with disabilities and students that may be classified as normal, students with opposing viewpoints as each other and the decision maker, minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing positive outcomes, and the laws of truthful representation of yourself and your work.

Limited Computer Access in Secondary Education and the Impact on Learning


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